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Lloyd Taco Truck

I know, I know. Everyone’s been talking about, following, eating, and reviewing Lloyd’s Taco Truck for what seems like years now. But, I have excuses! One: Lloyd almost always sets up for lunch at around 11:30 AM until 1:30 PM. During the school year (roughly 9 months out of the entire year), I’d be sitting in a classroom or in a cafeteria realizing that great tacos were just… a 20+ minute drive away. And that leads to two: even during the summer months, I don’t have access to a car until late afternoon; it seemed like getting up at 10 AM to hop on a bus for over an hour just to eat a taco was not worth it. Anyway, with a few days left in Buffalo, it was crunch time – I wanted to try Lloyd’s before I left. When I realized that my mom’s needing to be downtown for something a few mornings ago coincided with Lloyd’s decision to set up at Synacor near the waterfront, I immediately decided that I’d drag along my cousin and sister with me, and we’d all go down and get tacos for lunch.

After waiting in a short line, the four of us placed our order: two beef tacos, one chicken taco, two regular nachos, crazy corn, and a few drinks. For $15, we all received a quality yet cheap lunch that we took down to a few benches by the harbor to enjoy.

Least exciting were the regular nachos, ordered by my sister and cousin. Plain tasting nacho chips were drizzled with queso and red salsa; they were fine, but nothing extraordinary. I’m refraining from being too critical of these as I’ve repeatedly read that the tricked out nachos (served with a meat, onions, jalapeños, sour cream, etc.) are excellent; it’s hard to criticize regular nachos for being regular.

But I – at least – really came to try the tacos. I ordered two – one beef, one chicken – and was thoroughly impressed. Each taco was filled with meat, cabbage slaw, cheese, a choice of sauce (varying in spiciness), fresh cilantro, and a squeeze of lime; they’re also wrapped in double-layered corn tortillas which hold up very well to the fillings. I added a bit of Lloyd’s Rocket Sauce to mine (in the little cup) which was impressive in both taste and heat – I enjoyed the tacos much more with the rocket sauce on them. Overall, Lloyd’s tacos are the tastiest, freshest, and most authentic tacos in Buffalo, and far surpass mediocre taco-flinging establishments like Mighty Taco and ETS.

Another highlight: Lloyd’s crazy corn. It’s charred corn, dipped in garlic-chili butter, and drizzled with queso and a spicy sauce. The amount of flavor that exists in just one bite of the corn is phenomenal. It’s spicy, savory, fresh, hot – corn taken to another level.

Much to my dismay, I’m not going to be able to grab lunch at Lloyd’s until I return to Buffalo in December. But with rumors floating around of a second Lloyd’s truck, there’s definitely something to remain excited about. So, don’t wait as long as I did, and – if you haven’t already – grab some food at Lloyd’s as soon as you can!

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