Welcome to Cooking in Western New York, a food blog focused on cooking, baking, and eating.

Growing up, our family had a regular routine of meals – much of it processed, frozen, or easy-to-prepare. While not unhealthy or unbalanced, food was never a priority or something to be enjoyed; it was simply eaten. Fast forward 14 years: at this point, I was entering my sophomore year in high school. Influenced by food in the media (like Food Network) and a few friends and relatives with a passion for cooking, my interest was piqued. Thus, the month long crêpe-making excursion began; really! I followed a few simple recipes and learned how to cook crêpes and simple caramelized apples. Every weekend’s breakfast, crêpes; every weeknight’s side-dish, apples.

At some point, the crêpe business got old. I vaguely remember traversing through various cooking websites, attempting to cook peanut noodles, sweet and sour sauce, rice, chicken milanese, cake, etc. Every night was an excuse to cook, and – in using every single pot or pan within our kitchen – I certainly found a way to.

Shortly after becoming obsessed with cooking, I became infatuated with dining out in a way that most 15-16 year olds aren’t. I expunged any memories I had had of going to T.G.I. Friday’s and replaced those experiences with the smells of places like Trattoria Aroma. And, with the absolutely perfectly timed move of mon cher Ricky to the Elmwood Village, I discovered all of the little coffee shops and eateries that would make up a huge part of my everyday life today.

Now, I have quite the opposite “problem”; I find myself eating out often while not finding a chance to cook! The reasons are simple: eating out is delicious and convenient while cooking requires preparation and clean-up. These past few months have been especially trying in the time-management department. A quick look at my blog shows that I’ve definitely shifted from more recipe-based posts to more review-based entries – a trend that I’m looking to balance out. With the dramatics of applying to college finally winding down (at this point debating between Skidmore College, Tufts University, and Macaulay Honors College) and this season coming to an end, this should be much more possible.

In the meantime, catch up with me on various social networking sites!

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