Goodbye! (Kinda)

Well, this is it: the last time I’ll ever post on Cooking in Western New York.

It’s been a fun run. In the just over two years (I think) that I’ve been posting, I’ve learned so much about food, reviewing, critiquing, cooking, baking, photography, blogging, tweeting, etc. And I’ve “met” some really great people from around Buffalo and the world over the last two years – both foodies and not.

What happened, really, is that I lost my purpose. The title of my blog was always self-explanatory, but when I was not cooking and not living in Buffalo, I felt like my blog didn’t have a reason to exist; I couldn’t really blog about what I was supposed to. And it was always that idea of boundedness that restrained me too. I am a perfectionist, and I’d refuse to post anything that I didn’t feel was of the upmost quality. I have literally hundreds of food photos for posts that I felt weren’t impressive or perfect enough, and I hated reviewing restaurants, frankly.  Blogging – especially after last summer, as I was enjoying myself (and studying) in London – became something that I had to do, not wanted to do.

But I had a change of heart recently. As anyone who’s followed me at all over the last few years knows, I’m incredibly close with my cousin Megan – the one from the NYC area. And as I leave Buffalo more and more, she’s actually just arriving here (for college). And we have so much in common: we both love food, fashion, self-care, music (aka Regina Spektor)… and so it just seems natural that if I were to blog again, it would be in a joint venture (hi business 101) with her.

And so that’s how it’ll be! Megan and I are in the process of starting a new brand, online persona – whatever – called MCL Squared. For a while now, we’ve self-labeled ourselves as that when posting random shit on YouTube or Facebook (usually an interpretive dance or something). Why? We have the same initials. It sounds cool. And now, it’s going to be cemented in stone. We’re working on a new blog, new YouTube channel, new Facebook page, and more. And along with bringing together all of the things that we enjoy and love, we’re bringing a unique perspective to the Buffalo scene in particular. It’s quite the juxtaposition, actually (and I fucking hate that word): on the one hand, we have myself – Matthew, the cynical kid from Buffalo who’s leaving the area more and more – and my cousin, Megan – the girl who’s coming from a major metropolitan region to the relatively tame city of Buffalo. Together, I feel that we possess an interesting mix of thoughts and views in regard to not only culture, but – more importantly – Buffalo. After all, the #1 qualm Buffalo seems to have is that “its young people are leaving… never to return; there’s a lack of young professionals”. In a few years, we’ll be those young professionals, but for now we’re just two emerging adults: one who’s leaving, and one’s who’s coming back. And we hope you’ll join us for our journey.


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