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Bambino & Organic 3 Cafe: An Overview

Over the last week, I’ve tried out a couple new restaurants in Buffalo: Bambino Bar & Kitchen and Organic 3 Cafe. Both left such positive impressions that I plan on revisiting each before I leave for school. In the meantime though, I want to spread the word about them! Also, due to lack of planning and my own forgetfulness, I only had my iPhone on hand when I was at Bambino and O3. So, the photos (especially in the dimly-lit Bambino) aren’t spectacular but I think they give off a good enough idea.

Having read about Bambino Bar & Kitchen on Buffalo Rising, Buffalo Eats, and Natalie Eats Buffalo, and their overall positive experiences with the restaurant, I knew that I wanted to try BB&K. So, a few nights ago, my friends Dana, Sean, and I headed there at around 7 PM. Upon walking in, we were immediately impressed: the atmosphere was dark and rich-looking without being gloomy – definitely upscale (I wouldn’t have felt comfortable being there in anything less than a tucked in button-down.), and the service was extremely pleasant. We had made reservations; without them, we would’ve had to wait for a table – for a weeknight, it was packed.

We were seated upstairs in the loft, adjacent to some seemingly superfluous TVs. I can understand why there were two at bar-level, but the three at loft-level (the outer two showing ESPN with one TV in black and white for some reason) seemed unnecessary and chintzy. Another note on the atmosphere: the loft became very hot and humid as our meal progressed; even with the patio door open, there seemed to be little ventilation. Also, while our waitress was nothing but accommodating, the restaurant seemed to be understaffed: we waited too long for our orders to be taken, and, later, for the bill to come to the table.

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Cherry Lemon Sorbet

As I strolled around the Elmwood-Bidwell Farmers’ Market last weekend, I noticed one (very important) thing: cherry season had arrived! I snatched two pints of the best looking sour cherries and knew immediately that I would be making sorbet.

As soon as I returned home, I dug out my cherry pitter and got to work… for the time it took me to pit 10 cherries. With nearly 100 cherries sitting in front of me and merely 10 or so pits sitting in a barren bowl, I knew that this wasn’t going to work. At least not then; my friend was already sitting around waiting for me to play tennis and this was just prolonging things. So, I whipped out the food mill and passed the two pints through in no time!

I was left with an immaculate-looking cherry juice that – in all honesty – I’m surprised lasted long enough to be made into sorbet. It would’ve been incredible to just drink on its own. The color was impossibly deep; my camera couldn’t really capture its depth.

Luckily, though, the cherry nectar lasted long enough to welcome some lemon juice, simple syrup, and vodka. What else could one need? Eight hours and a quick churn later left me with the best – by far – sorbet I’ve ever had. Period. This might be the must-make of the summer. (Don’t have an ice cream machine? Check out these tips from David Lebovitz. You really don’t need one.)

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Just a quick photo post here! My cousin Megan came into Buffalo last week and we ate some good food and photographed some of it. With nowhere else to show off these, this will have to do! Oh, and the title? #indabufsummer2k11 was the Twitter hashtag we used throughout the week (and beforehand) to refer to the trip… we also left it around Buffalo a few places (like on the rocks by the waterfront, the chalkboard at Merge, etc. etc.) 😉

Shaken Iced Coffees with Homemade Caramel – how we started each day

Scrambled Eggs w/ Herbs on Grilled Five Points Multigrain Bread

Homemade Caramel Sauce (for the coffees)
Garlic Scape Focaccia from Five Points Bakery

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