Spring, Life

I haven’t really done any “personal” posts on CIWNY so far, but now’s the time! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been extremely busy: exams, graduation preparations, proms, traversing New York State, etc. With summer right around the corner (first Elmwood-Bidwell Farmer’s Market of the year happened today!), I’m excited to get back to cooking on a more regular basis – something about using fresh, local ingredients makes it much more enjoyable… plus the added free time. Meanwhile, a quick synopsis of my life…

I turned 18 during April, and – being stubborn – my friends and I baked my own cupcakes. I hated the idea of spending upwards of $30-40 on a cake that I truly wouldn’t enjoy as much as my own. So, my friend Devyn (who is on track to become a pastry chef!) baked dark chocolate cupcakes; then, she, my cousin, and I proceeded to frost them the next day. The frosting? Caramelized white chocolate buttercream. If you’ve never tasted caramelized white chocolate before, read this. It’s unbelievably delicious.

Luckily, the Swiss meringue buttercream didn’t break; it turned out perfectly! And dusted with a bit of Dutch cocoa powder, they were picture perfect (literally).

Just 5 days after my cousin flew back home to NYC, I went to Albany to visit Skidmore College, the school I’ll be attending next year. The campus was beautiful – classic but modern and updated. The dining hall was beyond impressive: it features a dozen or so different “restaurants”, all backed by CIA-trained chefs, that offer a plethora of options – gluten-free, vegan, cook-your-own-meal stations, etc. And, in an effort to keep both students and the environment healthy, Skidmore is tray-less; students take one china plate instead of a tray full of food. Less food is wasted, less energy is consumed in cleaning, and students eat less and healthier!

On a related note, I’ll actually be spending my first semester of Skidmore in London through their First-Year-Experience London program. I’ll be living right on King’s Road in Chelsea from the end of August until December. In short: I’m ecstatic! More specific details are coming in the mail within the next few weeks, but I’m already prepping to go!

Finally, I’ve spent my last two weekends going to prom! Organizing a dozen or two people is never easy, but it all worked in the end. Now, onto graduation…


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