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When thinking of where to go out to eat, there exist certain places which immediately come to mind due to their taste, price, and ambiance. They’re visited so much that they’re nearly commonplace. For me, Globe Market fits the bill – the quintessential eatery. Whether heading out for coffee, lunch, dinner, or take-out, Globe nearly beckons to be visited. After all, I’ve never had a bad bite to eat here; each item that I’ve tried has ranged from very good to extraordinary.

While the prices can fall on the high-end of the spectrum for café food – especially the per pound items – the homemade from-scratch foods that Globe produces completely justify the price. And, for combos such as the 1/2 sandwich 1/2 soup, priced at nearly $7, you’re bound to pay just as much at places like Panera – with nowhere near the size or quality.

One of the most enjoyable characteristics of Globe is its ambiance. Situated with an adjacent lot and ample seating, parking and seating are never an issue. The set-back porch and warm, wooden interior seem as if one is in the Village of Williamsville – overlooking Glen Park, maybe. Most importantly, the dining area, prep area, and bathrooms are ever-clean. And, self-served coffee and water works well at Globe, freeing up the sometimes-congested ordering area.

Anyone who’s been to Globe is bound to rave about their soups – a claim that is completely justified. Globe offers four homemade soups daily, priced at roughly $3 and served with a piece of homemade bread. At least one choice – more often two – is vegan. Over countless visits, I’ve tried the tomato-basil, the corn-chile, the chicken noodle, the matzo ball, the gumbo, and the spicy black bean soups.

Standouts include the tomato-basil soup and the spicy black bean soup, both of which offer remarkably fresh and concentrated flavors. The named flavors ring true without excess amounts of ingredients like salt or cream interfering. For those that I’ve tried more than once, the quality is unchanged: Globe’s consistency is one of it’s strong points.

One of the benefits of Globe’s stressed importance on fresh ingredients – both vegetables and grains – is that everyday sandwiches become an experience. While turkey sandwiches and chicken salad sandwiches are ever-fresh and delectable, one of the most memorable items that I’ve tried is the Thai Chicken Wrap. Encased in a tortilla are chicken strips, impeccably fresh and crunchy vegetables, and a coconut-lime sauce that perfectly coats the contained ingredients. Served with a pickle and red-corn tortilla chips, it’s hard to find fault in such a dish.

Along with the made-to-order menu, Globe also offers pre-made selections, kept in a refrigerated display case. Sold by the pound, these items range from pasta dishes to egg rolls to desserts. While I generally prefer to order directly off of the wraps/sandwiches/salads menu, two items from this case have struck me as very impressive: the pesto tortellini and the Thai noodle salad.

The noodle salad, while coated in a peanut-based sauce, remains very fresh and light. Mixed with enough julienned vegetables and coated with just enough dressing, this pasta dish never feels heavy or sticky. The tortellini, on the other hand, are deliciously rich: small tortellini, filled with cheese, coated in pesto, and mixed with sun-dried tomatoes. It’s a bit of an addiction, actually.

Due to the great meals that have been had here, my family decided to order a few of Globe’s catering dishes for a party. While we only ordered two things – focaccia with artichoke pesto, peppers, and goat cheese, and baby potatoes with sour cream, bacon, and chives – they both impressed us with their presentation and taste. Each platter was $45 and pickup was simple. Delivery is also an option.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this review, I have yet to try anything at Globe that I dislike. Simply put, everything is fresh and good, with some selections incredible. With locations on Elmwood and Downtown, I can strongly suggest Globe as a great café with nearly no caveats. As for myself, I can’t wait to go back!

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  1. 1 Natalie @ April 11, 2011 at 6:28 PM

    I work downtown near the Globe downtown location, and I go there at least 3 times a week for lunch. The tomato-basil soup is heavenly. I have never ordered something that I didn’t like!

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